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update - THE PACT [Jan. 5th, 2010|06:21 pm]
The Queendom Of Awesomeness
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Yay for responses!

I messaged our High Queen on FB and this is what she said:

*blows dust off teh LJ* I'm game, actually. I MISS writing, and I came across some old journal entries of mine from last June and was like -"this is really good. You should DO this more often", so if you want to sign a pact of some kind, I'm in.

A pact to post regularly would be too much for me at the moment, soooo.... my pact this term is going to be to set aside a regular time each week to write my own stuff even if it's only an hour. I need to spend less time on the internet not more but that said I would LOVE a group Skype chat.

We could use this comm to post writing-related tips / quotes / articles we come across that other people might find them interesting - that might provoke some discussion y/n?

So, in the spirit of motivation, here's a time management thingy I came across yesterday:

1. What do you want to accomplish this week with your writing?

2. What are two things today you can do to make that happen?

3. What is one thing you can do each day to make that happen?

It worked yesterday - today, not so much :(

So tomorrow here are my 2 things:
Integrate summary of Foucault article "What is an author?" into the overall argument for my paper.

Write up my margin notes on a book I read way back in October FAST without getting bogged down in editing myself so I can include it in the paper before I have to send it to my supervisor Friday.

Sorry it's boring academic stuff :D

In the comments STATE YOUR PACT for the next chunk of time whether it's a week, a month, a term whatever.

From: ex_jo_blogs
2010-01-06 06:49 pm (UTC)
syntax and word choice are so entwined in the way I write, that I don't think I can just spew words without thought to how they go together and convey the mood, point, or image I'm after.

I realised after I'd finished my last fic that my Internal Editor had become so dominant it was in danger of paralysing me completely. I think it may be a fanfic-related problem because I obsess over getting every detail 'right'. I'm hoping I can be a bit freer with my own stuff.
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