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in which charlotte goes on a pre-book-seven fic splurge - The Queendom of Awesomeness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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in which charlotte goes on a pre-book-seven fic splurge [Jul. 19th, 2007|12:26 am]
The Queendom Of Awesomeness


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I've been W R I T I N G!

I like deadlines. Theymake me freak out in a happy,OHMIGOD I need to do this right now sort of way,so really, it's notat all surprising that mymuse has kicked in this week and i've spent most of the past few days furiously typing every idea i've ever had. much to the chargrin of my poor grandmother and cousin whoare like..isn't she supposed to be entertaining us?

Anyway. Also, I'm having style-issues. I think. But see for yourself: all links are to fanfiction-dot-net,and watch this space, because i'm something like halfway through the next cissy chapter of FH, and i found a pretty cool petunia and harry fic of mine i want to type up and finish. before saturday. SATURDAY!!!! When are you all gettingyour books and reading and things?I'm getting mine around nine my time and will be reading all day. Jo and Anjana,areyou two meeting up? I'm JEALOUS. I blocked off the day for my best friend (the one i waxed so much angst about on the LJ) but now i kind of wish i hadn't because i'd much rather be there with you guys, but whatever. i shall try to get my way over there sooner or later and we shall have a summit. 

Anyway,the fics:

Lesson In Surrender- "Give in to love,or live in fear." Oh, what the hell, it's a very angsty Ron and Hermione in the middle of a pond. Please,don't ask.

She's Got A Way- Remus,Tonks and Billy Joel.I've been meaning to write something like this since HBP came out.

A new songdrabble-collection called A Magic Beyond All We Do Here.We start with the Fray
s How To Save A Life

Hope you guys are all well and will enjoy these!!!